In the spotlight: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead featuring Daniel Radcliffe

Five reasons why this is better than Harry Potter...

Written by Holly Goodfellow

When I told my Dad that I was booking him a ticket for the hilarious Tom Stoppard play screening at the Kirkgate on the 20th of April, he commented, "Oh is that the Harry Potter one?"

At an extreme push, yes, I suppose you could say that Daniel Radcliffe (being known as the heroic teenage wizard for most of his life) could give you reason to think this, but to assume so would indicate that:

a) You haven’t touched a book with a barge pole and

b) you don’t mind insulting (two) great playwrights and a very well respected author in the process. So Dad this one's for you...

Here are my top five reasons why this play is much better than living in Mr Radcliffe’s alternative reality:

  1. They may not be the Weasleys, but they are an incredible double act. Radcliffe and McGuire play Hamlet’s (yes THE Hamlet) ditzy old school friends. Full of witty banter they steal the play from Shakespeare’s finger tips and the renowned cast including Gertrude, Ophelia and Polonius in classic twist and clever repartee.
  1. This is the ultimate behind the scenes viewing. Ever sat in a dragging English class wondering what happened to your two favourite characters as Hamlet sent them to their deaths? Well here’s your chance.
  1. The cast is magic. You will have seen Joshua McGuire in the recent retelling of Cinderella and art classic Mr Turner, this is one of his big breaks as he moves away from his British TV performances in Lovesick and Misfits to play a new beloved character. David Haig, known amongst other things for Four Weddings And A Funeral, Two Weeks Notice, Florence Foster Jenkins in plays a "scene-stealing combination of obsessive old-stager, cockney wheeler-dealer, pimp and pirate, surrounded by a hangdog, pierrot-faced entourage" (Daily Telegraph) Now that’s something I want to see!
  1. Anything could go wrong. This is not a film that is meticulously filmed in advance with the evil dude added in as a special effect. No. This is live action! Rozencrantz could forget his lines (though we may not be able to tell) and Hamlet could fall flat on his face! It’s all part of the thrill of seeing it live as it unfolds on the stage of the Old Vic.
  1. Last but not least, "Radcliffe and McGuire bounce off each other like Spacehoppers on a day out" (The Times). For me, that beats quidditch or a broomstick any day.

Rozencrantz & Guildernstern Are Dead is live streamed to the Kirkgate on the 20th April, 7pm. Tickets are just £12.50, Concessions £10. Get yours here.