Our new website is here and we're very excited to finally be able to share it with you!

Written by Dani Boniface

The new Kirkgate Arts site has been over a year in the making. After months of brain storming, planning, workshops, designing, endless hours on our computers and a fair amount of sweat and tears (yes, lots of those) our new digital home is ready. We hope you like it...

Images: The team in London last summer, working on developing the new website.

There were many reasons for us to bring you a new website: not just because our previous sites were looking a little tired but, crucially, we wanted to share our two exciting programmes of events, big plans for the future and latest news with you in a much more efficient, 'easy to use' way. Previously, we've run the Kirkgate Centre and Arts Out West as two strands with separate websites, managed by Kirkgate Arts. But it was time for that to change.

Now you can access all of our events across the county in one place - and best of all, you can book them all in one place too. Easy!

Our home here at the Kirkgate is a vibrant and creative community hub. We felt it was important that our digital home should be the same - a place for people to share, come together and express their creativity. Our new site hosts our brand new blog, which will grow and host exclusive content; from behind-the-scenes snaps and stories to live video posts and guest take overs, featuring some of the greatest artists, influencers and creatives from across the UK and beyond.

With the recent launch of our brand new Event Cinema, screening top London performances from the likes of National Theatre Live, The Royal Opera House and much more, you can now get closer to the action with videos, trailers, images, interviews, stories from the making of the show and Q&As with the cast and production teams. All of this and more will be here on the new site and on our social channels, along with competitions, offers and much more for people of all ages.

Most important of all, we wanted our new site to be a place to celebrate the huge achievements and dedication of our 140+ volunteers, our Friends and 'Our Story'. The work and passion of these people is at the very heart of everything we do and without them, we simply wouldn't exist. The new website will feature volunteer profiles, glimpses into the lives of Arts Out West promoters and Kirkgate volunteers and news on our current opportunities.

We hope you enjoy the new site, designed with you in mind with a new, clean look. As always, we truly value your feedback, so please do feel free to contact us on [email protected] to let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Happy browsing!

Credit: Huge thank you to Chris Lewis for supplying many of the images for the new website. Click here to visit Chris's photography website.