A second installment of the popular comedy/drama - a kind of soap opera for the stage that takes stories and ideas from real people in real places and puts them on the boards. Set in a fictitious and somewhat heightened Community and Arts Resource Centre (otherwise known as the Village Hall!), the show is a lighthearted peep into the workings of the village venue.

Think Hi-de-hi meets Eastenders - with a healthy dose of community gossip!

At the end of each show, audiences will have the opportunity to give their ideas on what they think should, could, shouldn't happen in the next episode, as well as offering stories that may well shape future installments.

"There was so many laugh out load moments. I can't wait to see episode 2" - audience member, Ewanrigg Community Centre


Full price: £7.00
Under 18s: £3.00
Family: £17.00


Call: 01946 862300
Email: margaretperry@hotmail.com or book online below.