The Alzheimer Whodunnit

Rob Gee

By turns hilarious and thought-provoking, Forget Me Not has a lot to say about how we treat and perceive people with dementia. At the heart of Forget Me Not is a detective whose tool of the trade - his mind - is failing him, making the most important case of his life a challenge to solve.


Jim’s wife, a patient on a dementia ward, has died from what appears to be natural causes. Jim is a retired police detective and he smells a rat. He’s determined to solve one last murder. The problem is he also has dementia. It’s a case worthy of the greatest detective mind. But his will have to do.


“Remarkable… in one story by one performer we have at least ten colourful characters, three different side plots, hilarious comedy and thought-provoking drama. You couldn’t ask for more.”             Edmonton Sun, Alberta ★★★★★


Full price: £12
Concessions (u18/students): £8


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