Deft, daft, delightful.....and definitely Dickens!

David Mynne

Christmas Eve, 1803.

Pip, a seven year-old orphan boy, visits his mother’s grave. A frightening encounter with an escaped convict begins a series of events that will change his life forever.

Great Expectations is the profound and complex story of Pip’s journey through life.

Some of Charles Dickens’ most memorable characters – the terrifying Magwitch; Joe Gargery, the kind and generous blacksmith; the eccentric Miss Havisham; the cold and beautiful Estella; Mr Jaggers the pompous lawyer and Pip’s wise friend, Herbert Pocket – are vividly brought to life in this anarchic and joyful telling of this glorious tale.

Using Dickens’ original text (well, mostly!) David Mynne takes you on a journey which brings you a ‘cast of thousands’ in a skilful, one-man adaptation of this epic story.

Be prepared to be scared and amazed and cry and laugh ...a lot!


Full price: £10
Under 18s: £5
Family: £22


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