Hansel & Gretel         

Lyngo Theatre Co.

A musical theatre version of this classic tale of adventure and magic. We’ll have you humming along throughout and cheering as the witch slides down into the flaming oven. Lyngo serve up their own special recipe of multi-roled performances, captivating songs and beautiful imagery.

Is hunger stronger than love?

In this story it seems to be as the poor woodsman’s empty stomach goes to his head, he gives in to the bony step-mother and they leave Hansel and Gretel in the forest, not just once but twice - and the second time there won’t be any moonstones to follow back home.

Instead they follow their noses to the sugary heart of darkness…



For a limited period, we are offering PAY WHAT YOU FEEL on our live professional theatre performances.


Call: 01900 826448 or book online below.

Booking for this event has now closed.