Seven-piece ‘Gypsy Folk Rock’ band combining pumping danceability and compelling storytelling.

Surely one of hardest working bands on the circuit with a loyal and growing fan base. Over the last two years they have toured the UK extensively, and made impressive debuts across Europe. In 2016 they appeared at twenty-seven festivals, including Glastonbury (named Avalon Main Stage crew highlight), Larmer Tree, Wilderness, Kendal Calling, and Towersey (introduced as the festival band of the year), plus many more.

Influenced by an eclectic range of folk and popular music, Holy Moly and the Crackers play an exciting and visceral blend of rock, pop, folk, blues, balkan, klezmer, ska, reggae and more...

“We throw a whole load of genres into the mix. We describe ourselves as “gypsy folk rock”, but that’s a very loose term. And we’re changing and developing all the time. There’s a big beat; we like to make people dance. But, at the same time, the songs are built around narrative – I guess that’s why we’d class ourselves as a folk band, we like to tell stories.” - Holy Moly and the Crackers

“The musicians are stylistically dazzling and the ’circus-folk’ flavour of the album means that the group really does stand out from the crowd.” - Bright Young Folk


Full Price: £18
Concessions: £12