Entrancing music from a legendary performer, live at the Kirkgate, Cockemouth

Singer and guitarist Shelagh McDonald is the stuff of legend. She rose to international fame in the early 70’s, only to ‘disappear’ after three very successful album releases…to resurface in the mid 2000’s with a story which would make many people's hair stand on end!

She has now joined forces with international singer/songwriter Nigel H Seymour, and is once more treading the boards of the concert stage. The material is a rare blend of their old and new songs, and several duets. The whole concert makes for a unique experience, taking the listener on a journey into the musicians’ beginnings, then on to their ‘today.’


Their close collaboration began three years ago. According to Shelagh, she was at a crossroads musically at that point, and hearing Seymour play was the crucial factor in her decision to continue with her music.

It has taken several years for her to achieve her present point of performance, which recently has taken another twist with her reinstatement by BMG in London, who are now re-issuing her back catalogue on vinyl and CD with updated cover and notes.


Nigel H Seymour commented:

“Just to see Shelagh McDonald play in the flesh today will be a history-making experience for people, owing to the fact that Shelagh really did have no intention at all of picking up a guitar and playing it again after her legendary disappearance. It has taken several years to get the lady to the point of performance again, and I’m honoured to have had a part in this great musical adventure”

Nigel H Seymour’s story is as wildly vivid as Shelagh’s in many ways. Over the decades, he has balanced his work delicately across the musical genres as a whole, creating a wonderful fusion of classic rock, pop and folk elements all rolled into one experience.

Anyone who ventures to see these two artists will leave with a feeling of having seen and heard something special. Seymour’s unique voice is matched by Shelagh McDonald’s incredible guitar style and equally incredible vocals.


Full price: £12
Concessions (u18, student): £8