rescheduled from 8 June


by Emma Rydal

La'al Mara

Directed by Peter Macqueen.

It’s Wine O’Clock! When do you stop?

Imogen and Rich don’t care if the glass is half full or half empty, as long as there’s wine in it that’s what’s important. That’s how they unwind, how they party, how they cope with the stresses of life: young children, high powered jobs.

But after twenty years of drinking to excess, Imogen is having second thoughts. She’s tired of waking up with an unexplained bruise, tired of beating herself up when she’s drunk too much, tired of being tired, but is it enough? When life has become so intertwined with the powerful nectar is it easy to break away, or do relationships start to unravel? Perhaps a wake- up call is all she needs?

Filled with humour and drama, ‘Soaked’ seeks to unnerve.


Full Price: £12.00
Concessions (u18/students): £8


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