A new play from an exciting new local company, live at the Kirkgate Centre

Wayfarers Theatre Co.

A mysterious Russian, a failing Actor, a Poet and an aspiring Jazz Singer struggle to pursue their creative endeavours whilst working summer jobs in an unusual tea shop.

Inspired by true stories overheard and experienced in Cumbrian cafés, curious tales of weird and wonderful customers are seen through the eyes of four reluctant young staff members. 

Wayfarers Theatre invites you into a beautiful narrative exploring the joy of dreaming and realism, interwoven with the ridiculous and often hilarious antics of the British public.

This is a work-in-progress showing – an opportunity for you to sample this new work at an early stage.

Wayfarers is a new professional Cumbria-based touring company, which has grown out of the remarkable Wyldwood Theatre Co. Wyldwood was formed in 2014 by young performers in their final years of sixth form with the aim of creating performances at a professional standard. After several highly acclaimed productions – mostly of original work – the senior members of Wyldwood are now branching out to operate as a fully professional company producing accessible, fresh stage plays to be toured across the county and beyond.

Contact for more information:  

[email protected]