It's time to get that glitterball out again and clear the decks!

Written by Katie Gentry

One of my favourite regular events on the Kirkgate Arts fundraising calendar is the Friends Disco. We've covered 60s, 70s, 80s and now we're revisiting the 90s. Ah, my youth! The decade of britpop, the rise of the hoodie, the overwhelming sense of optimism...

No doubt it's a tricky one for the DJ, so much to choose from! The surge in British musical talent making waves across the world, only comparable to the fever of The Beatles hitting the USA back in the 60s. In the same way there was a healthy rivalry between the big contenders, Oasis - the scruffy unpredictable raucous bunch of northern lads and the Rolling Stones of the 90s, versus Blur- the art school intellectuals, sticking two fingers up to the bourgeois (despite obviously being a direct result of it)! The uniting factor being the rejection of the status quo (not the band, although...) and the reclaiming of youth culture for the young. So in the end it didn't matter if you bought 'Roll With It' or 'Country House', either or both we were all buying back British pop culture.

It wasn't all about Britpop. Interesting and thought provoking pop music was making it into our mainstream consciousness with musicians like Bjork. The rave scene of the early 90s was refusing to behave itself too, film soundtracks of the time were choosing the best of all the previous decades and mixing it up with fresh new ideas beautifully.

We've recently screened T2 Trainspotting here at the Kirkgate and it brought a tear to my eye. A simply stunning sequel with caring nods to the original film, which made me dig out the CD when I got home!

In the 90s the radio was positively bursting with energy, and provided us with what I consider to be a glorious soundtrack to my teens. So get those tickets folks and I'll see you there for a mosh!

Tickets to our Friends of the Kirkgate 90s Night are available here.