Cockermouth School and Kirkgate Arts Confluence Project

Year 13 students get creative with Kirkgate Arts on an exciting new project here in Cockermouth

Written by Madeleine Wynne

A group of Year 13 Cockermouth School students passionate about film, media, theatre and the promotion of the arts in the town we love, have banded together to take part in an exhilarating opportunity provided by Kirkgate Arts and ‘The Viewpoint Project’.

Together, we will be devising, directing and editing films promoting upcoming projects and events at the Kirkgate Centre. We will also be working with local artists and the Cockermouth Heritage Group to contribute towards a new film documenting and celebrating the diversity of different artistic organisations and activities available as a part of Cockermouth’s dynamic artistic culture.

Founded from a will to open the treasury of the collective thoughts of Cockermouth’ residents, ‘The Viewpoint Project’ is a collaborative community art project exploring connectivity, belonging, history and ancestry of our beloved town. A particular focus of the project is on the landmark confluence of the rivers Cocker and Derwent.

The organic artistry that defines this most celebrated natural ‘viewpoint’ will act as a focal catalyst in the discussion of the town’s perspective on its roots, that wind through the hewn beauty of its Georgian architecture and the majesty of the Cumbrian landscape.

As well as composing film trailers for the Kirkgate Centre and documenting the wonderful work of so many local projects and events, we will be making regular blog entries here on the Kirkgate Centre’s website, writing reviews, documenting features such as interviews with visiting performers and more - all to complete our celebration of the vibrancy of our local arts culture.

Stay posted for our next post here on the Kirkgate blog!