Welcome to Our World War 1 Project

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Last year (2018), as part of the national WW1 centenary commemorations, the Kirkgate Centre and Cockermouth Heritage Group were awarded a Heritage Lottery grant for a project to develop and share understanding of the effects of World War I and its aftermath on those living and working in Cockermouth and the surrounding area. We were particularly interested in the ways in which the War led to a shift in the position and status of women in society, and how children were affected by the War.

Our activities began in Sept/October 2018, when members of the Heritage Group visited Whitehaven Archives office and Workington Library to research local records and newspaper cuttings pertaining to Cockermouth during and after the time of the First World War.

The project has been bookended by an exhibition. The first, over Armistice weekend (Nov 10/11th 2018 ) displayed the findings of the Heritage Group research, along with artifacts and photographs from their existing archive. The exhibition was accompanied by the film ‘In the Footsteps of our Fathers’. The final exhibition (on display at Cockermouth Hospital until September 2019), is enhanced by new material uncovered over the course of the project: objects and photographs donated by local people with stories to tell about their forefathers.