18 Sep 2019


7:30 pm - 6:00 pm

A Different Kind of Hope

In conjunction with Riversmeet, we present the next event in our Future Earth programme.

A film addressing the most significant challenge now facing humanity.

Humanity is facing it’s greatest challenge ever on this planet – environmental catastrophe and global mass extinctions. We are facing not only the deaths of millions of species of animals and plants, but the death of humanity itself.

How can we begin to process and comprehend such a catastrophe? It is tempting to take refuge in false hope, but that will not serve us.

A Different Kind of Hope looks directly into the heartbreaking reality of what is happening in order to trigger a conversation about how we can best navigate this bio-apocalypse both personally and collectively.

There will be a discussion with the film makers after the screening to being just such a conversation.

No ticket price for this event, donations are gratefully received to enable us to continue our programme of thought provoking films. Nibbles provided by Wild Zucchinis.

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