27 Sep 2019


8:00 pm



Castles & Conquests

The 2019 Bernard Bradbury Lecture

Castles and Conquests: Castle-building and the control of Cumbria 1092-1237

Professor Richard D. Oram will explore the planting of castles in Cumberland and North Westmorland, from Brough and Appleby to Cockermouth and Egremont, looking at their siting and purpose, and their changing form as their owners tried to accommodate often conflicting demands for defence, residence, administration and lordly display into their buildings.

Richard D. Oram is Professor of Medieval and Environmental History at the University of Stirling and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

He received his undergraduate training at the University of St. Andrews, where he also carried out his doctoral research, on medieval Galloway. In 2000 he published The Lordship of Galloway (Birlinn). He has since written a biography of King David I of Scotland (Tempus, 2004), and the High Medieval volume in the New Edinburgh History of Scotland series, entitled Domination and Lordship: Scotland, 1070-1230 (2011).