23 Feb 2019


2:00 pm


Pay What You Feel





work in progress performance


By Chris Salt

Directed by Janys Chambers

One day Lyle (14) walks out of his life and up into the high fells. On the edge of a deep tarn he meets Jake (17) who has a gun, a dog and a life as far removed from Lyle’s as possible.

Over the course of 24 hours, at the mercy of the elements, the lads chip away at each other’s certainties until they are no longer sure of who they really are or what the future holds for them. Except that, for now, they are all they have.

It’s a play about friendship, childhood and masculinity; about two male characters on either end of teenagehood, and the gulfs between them in those few years.

In the slip of fragile time between being a child and an adult, Lyle and Jake make a plan.


Pay as you feel performance

Age 12+        (Includes brief nudity)


Friday 22 & Saturday 23 February at 2pm