Looping Pixelation


14 Apr 2019


11:00 am - 4:30 pm


£9 per workshop or £15 for days

Looping Pixelation – Animation Workshop

Scottish-based animation company, D Fie Foe Productions, visits Cockermouth to present two exciting animation workshops.



Animation created using real people as puppets! A practical workshop creating short animated films that mix traditional stop-frame animation, time-lapse, looping and pixilation. Halfway between drama and stopframe animation, it’s a great way to make quirky films relatively quickly!

Working with experts in the field, participants will brainstorm their microfilm ideas, work on the fundamentals of animation, and then get physical creating dynamic pixilated sequences and learning how to combine different types of footage together to create a seamless piece.

All work will be constructed to loop effectively, leading to lively shareable media. These are currently trendy areas of film-making: however, all learning is fully backed up with traditional skills and animation techniques. Final films (approved by the participants) will be made available online no more than two weeks after the workshop.

Sun. 14 April

1100 – 1300         8-12 years

1430 – 1630         10-16 years



A lively animation workshop that demonstrates how cool 2D animation can be created even if (you believe) your drawing skills are limited! This workshop is for messy artists and cartoon fanatics alike!

The group will learn traditional sequence drawn animation skills, working on paper with animation light boxes. Participants will be creating sequences of free-flowing charcoal animation, using broad strokes, abstract lines and rhythmical patterns – fluid fun with the emphasis on creation of the animated movement. Final film footage (approved by participants) will be made available on-line.

Based in Scotland, D Fie Foe’s portfolio includes: cutting edge short films; animated title sequences; logos; projections for theatre shows & work with commercial clients to create compelling content. Their many education projects span the UK.

Sat. 13 April

1100 – 1300         8-12 years

1430 – 1630         10-16 years

Hourly Schedule

Day 1

11am - 1pm
8-12 years
Morning session aimed at 8-12 years
2:30pm - 4:30pm
10-16 years
Afternoon session aimed at 10-16 years