10 Oct 2020


8:00 pm


Free - donations welcome



The Butterfly Collector

Written and Performed by Peter Macqueen
Kirkgate Arts YouTube – premiere 8pm Sat. 10 October.

Family secrets and mass exctinctions.

What can be triggered by a butterfly’s wing?

Robert has found his Grandfather’s butterfly collection whilst clearing out his parents’ old house. He knew nothing about butterflies before that and not much about his Grandfather.

But on opening the cabinet drawers he discovers a world of fascinating beauty….. and a family secret.

Some of the butterflies in the collection are now extinct. Was his Grandfather partly responsible?

We are being told about the threat of mass extinctions every day. Who is responsible for that?

As the family secret is uncovered, Robert thinks his Grandfather may have been right – “Something has got to be done.”

NB: No butterflies were harmed (recently) in the making of this film.


Peter Macqueen is a Cumbria-based actor, director and writer. He has presented several one-man shows through Arts Out West  – always enthusiastically received.

He says:

I used  to collect Butterflies. It started one summer day in 1965. My brother and I were bored so our Dad suggested we try and catch the butterflies flying around the garden. We rushed indoors, found some plastic bags and the Cabbage White chase was on!  A lifelong interest was born. Although we didn’t know it, we had joined an elite fraternity with Winston Churchill, Lord Rothschild and King Boris of Bulgaria amongst the roll call.

            I don’t collect Butterflies any more and have a camera instead of a net. Numbers have dramatically declined since my boyhood as with so many other species. We face mass extinctions and in spite of much publicity and awareness and conservation groups doing their best, we – or the power brokers of the world – are not really prepared to do anything serious about it. So I thought I’d write something about someone who decided they would.

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