14 Jun 2019


7:30 pm





Three Mothers

Three Women, Two Children, One Story…

When Khady’s husband dies in Senegal, she is forced to sell his goats. She sends her eldest son away, across desert and sea to Europe, in search of a better life plunging her entire family into uncertainty.


When Gisela’s life in England is turned upside down, she goes home to Bavaria seeking comfort and familiarity. But her attempts to assist the steady flow of refugees arriving in her childhood village soon awaken memories from her own past. When Erika finally tells the truth about her enforced march from Sudetenland in 1945 with her baby daughter, a heart-breaking secret is revealed. And so the bold choices made by these three mothers are brought together as one.


“Excellent…compassionate. Not to be missed.” – Everything Theatre (Four stars)

“A compassionate optimistic play. Three Mothers shows how people can not only survive the most desperate and troubling events but can in that survival also help others in unexpected ways.” – British Theatre Guide (Four stars)

“A highly effective approach to looking at the difficult issues surrounding refugees and economic migrants from the point-of-view of mothers that manages to be touching, funny and heart-warming.” – Theatre Bubble (Four stars)