21 Oct 2019


11:30 am





Twisted Tales for Terrible Children

A Storytelling Theatre Show by Gav Cross

You’ll have heard these stories before but not told this way!

Come into the Immersive PopUp Story Cave for an hour of nonsense and nastiness that will trigger giggles and gasps, with the added risk of ruining your childhood forever…

Scratch the surface of all the tales we have heard since childhood and we find they are dark, nasty and full of dubious intention…

A slight twist reveals the terrible, the silly and the downright incredible ’truths’ hidden in plain sight.

Gav Cross: Storyteller; Show Off and Chief Idiocy Wrangler for Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club.


“We were delighted to welcome Gav to Teeny Tiny Theatre but our experience exceeded our expectations. He held every audience in the palm of his hand; children and adults alike were spellbound as he wove his Twisted Tales! Everyone left very entertained and a little richer as a result of his generous performance.” – Teeny Tiny Theatre, Liverpool

“Gav is an exceptional storyteller. His storytelling sessions were always full and always fun. Families turned up day after day to go back to hear more.” Storyhouse, Chester

Recommended for 7+ and the under 100’s