While it's still not practical to present live performances at the Kirkgate Centre and our Arts Out West venues we're delighted to bring you a range of entertainments - and opportunities to get involved - through the magic of digital technology.

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Cumbrian poets bring their very personal take on life, death and everything in between. Funny, touching - a new slant on the world.

8pm Wed. 23 Sept. on YouTube


Striding Edge concerts are a feast of colourful music drawn from their roots in the Cumbrian tradition: soulful ballads with four-part harmony vocals; relevant contemporary songs; lively jigs, reels and hornpipes on a remarkable array of instruments.

7.30pm Fri. 4 Sept. on YouTube

Already premiered - but still available for your enjoyment:

MIKE TURNBULL & THE SAFE KINGS Original modern folk ranging from melodic ballads to energetic foot stompers. Watch now on our FaceBook page.

MASALA, MONSOONS & THE MANGO MOON  Storyteller Emily Hennessey & virtuoso sitar player Sheema Mukherjee take us on a wild musical ride through the myths and folktales of India. 

For everyone aged 6 and over.

Watch now on our YouTube channel.

NIGHTJRRS presents 'Bound Together' - an immersive audio-visual treat on our YouTube channel.

This programme has been made possible by an Arts Council England Emergency Response Grant. We're very grateful to ACE, and to players of the National Lottery - this is one of the good causes it supports.