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MELT Method Hand and Foot Treatment

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I can do personal training lessons in Hanna Somatic Education, Alignment based Corrective Exercise, Pilates and MELT Method treatments for a wholebody programme. Address the brain, the nervous system, the breath and the loads your body is experiencing by the way you move or don’t move! If you have any issues or conditions a personal lesson will make the difference to what you get out of a class. All beginners will be required to complete a personal session before attending a class from September 2018. Over the summer I will be having a promotion of one-to-one sessions for long term class members. Just ask for details. Coming soon – whole body juicing up on MELT rollers, dealing with years or decades of your built-up stuck stress and dehydration. It’s too good to miss, and I am very excited to be able to share this astonishing knowledge and self-care treatment with you.

Looking forward to moving again with you all.

Jackii Ball

Lake District Pilates Restorative Movement

Complimentary neuro-somatic modalities helping restore natural movement functional wellbeing

The Joyful Body ~ Nourish by Natural Movement

Pilates PT Group Fitness

Hanna Somatic Coach Level

MELT Method Hand Foot Instructor

Nutritious MovementTM Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist PT (RES)

Contact mobile: 0787 261 2673

Leave a message: 017687 74274

Classes Specialist Workshops in alignment will be advertised under Aligned For Life, Only You Can Fix Yourself, Alignment Wise Move Unlimited.

Workshops in Somatics will be advertised under Jax Hanna Somatic Movement, Restore Movement,Soma- So-Good, The Brain-Switch Fix.

Combined classes in Keswick, Cockermouth Threlkled using Alignment, Pilates Somatic techniques will be advertised as Mindfulness with Muscle and Align Your Soma.