The Gift of Winter

LYNGO Theatre have developed a show that you can actually do at home, not just watch!

In the beginning of years, when the world was so new, the four seasons lined up to get their cloaks and crowns, their colours and their toys.

When it came time for Winter there was nothing left except a wet white blanket which made him so sad that he pulled it over his head and wouldn’t come out to play…

…until a little boy took him on a journey through a garden of delights, climbing the ladder of the trees up to a shining star… 

A creative-play project for families with children under 10

At the end of this you’ll have made, played and stayed together which, after all, is the true meaning of Christmas!
  • Follow the fun instructional videos to make props and table-top sets from recycled materials and household objects
  • Watch the half-hour video with stop-motion animation which tells our story of how Winter got presents from all the other seasons, creating the first Christmas tree and all the festivities surrounding it
  • There are lots of original songs and music along with lots of clear instructions on how to create a whole series of ‘theatre-toys’ that families can use to tell the story
  • All the props are made out of recycled and household materials so you don’t need to buy anything specially
  • Invent your own sensory sessions and take a creative-play journey together as a family through a garden of delights
  • We provide music, songs and narration so you can tell the story of how Winter got its colours, using household objects and your own Christmas tree (with some very special decorations)

Suitable for families with children up to 10 years old.

£10 per family


Available until 23 January 2021.