What are the benefits of volunteering?

At Kirkgate Arts, we believe that volunteering can provide a wide range of benefits not just for the organisation, but most importantly for you.

Volunteering with us here in Cockermouth enables you to:

  • Meet new people and socialise
  • Boost your CV with recent experience and training
  • Develop your skills and gain new ones
  • Gain ‘hands-on’ experience in a wide range of varied and exciting roles
  • Give something back to your local community
  • Support creativity, learning and heritage
  • Promote the arts in rural Cumbria
  • Enjoy an inspiring wide range of shows and events

“I do not do any paid work at the moment as I have small children so volunteering fills the same role as paid work would, gain skills maintain existing skills, interact with other adults, gain a sense of achievement. I also gain a lot of satisfaction working for a cause I truly believe in.”
Kirkgate Centre Volunteer

“I became a volunteer about 3 years ago when I moved to Cumbria. My main reason for volunteering was to meet people and make some new pals. I work in the office on a Wednesday morning with a great bunch of people. I am a full time carer and volunteering at the Kirkgate gives me a break and makes me happy and chilled.” 
– Caroline

“I started off doing Front of House for the films but now I do daytime Box Office and I’m also on the bar rota. I’ve always been interested in the arts and I think its vital to support arts in the community. The best thing about volunteering is the interaction with lots of different people at different events. It’s very varied and helps to keeps my mind open to new things.” 
– Ros

Would you like to get involved? Click here to find out about our current opportunities.

Why volunteer?

We believe in the phrase, ‘Give a little, gain a lot’. Volunteering with Kirkgate Arts provides a unique chance to give something back to the local community, while gaining great satisfaction, excercising your talents, and maybe acquiring new skills.

Volunteering is at the heart of all our activities – whether it be Arts Out West events, which are selected and managed by local promoters; or the operation of the Kirkgate Centre, which was originally saved from demolition by a team of dedicated souls who were determined to create a resource for the community.

How does volunteering support Kirkgate Arts?

Volunteering with us helps to support and promote arts, culture and creativity throughout West Cumbria. By giving your time to help run Kirkgate Arts, you are enabling hundreds of people to benefit from stimulating events, and you assist in showcasing local, national and international talent.

What do I get from volunteering?

Not only does volunteering help support the organisation, but it also provides you with a great opportunity to develop new skills, gain new experience and mix with an extremely friendly bunch of people.

For students, it’s a very useful way to gain vital knowledge and skills in the workplace. It’s also an opportunity for creatives, technicians and arts fans to learn more about the operations of professional entertainment.

Some of our volunteers have been job seekers, looking to improve their skill set in order to move into paid work. For those who are retired or out of work, it’s a chance to meet new friends and get more involved with the community.