Love to sing?

Come and join the Derwent Youth Choir at the Kirkgate to develop your voice, confidence and performance skills in a fun, friendly and welcoming setting.

Our sessions are led by Fiona Weakley and Sara Field.

Youth Choir offers a wide range of benefits for young people interested in performing arts. Our groups help:

  • Develop confidence and boosts self esteem
  • Express yourself in a fun and creative setting
  • Provide ongoing support from trained leaders
  • Improve communication skills and develop teamwork skills
  • Broaden horizons through new experiences and friendships
  • Provide a safe hub to explore the arts

Derwent Youth Choir at the Kirkgate

New for 2018 - Two groups

For ages 6 - 11, every Wednesday from 5.30pm - 6.16pm, term time

For 11 - 18, every Wednesday 6.15pm - 7pm, term time

Spring term 2017 starts Wednesday 10th January

Price: £4.50 per session

Please contact Fiona Weakley on 01900 825703 for further information.

We also run Youth Theatre here at the Kirkgate, have great working relationships with Cockermouth based creative arts groups and coaches (stay posted for our next blog post on local groups) and offer a range of family and school workshops. Click the links to find out more!